This chapter covers the oiling lubrication points and the steam oil lubrication.

The first small job is the oiling arrangement for the middle and rear axle. This consists of two oil reservoirs on each side with a 3/32″ copper pipe from each to the axle boxes via the hornblocks.


The oil wells are made from 1/2″ square brass with a 5/16″ hole for the well reduced to 7/32″ at the bottom to clear the fixing holes


The wells have a hinged lid which is not shown on the drawing. Indeed no cap is shown at all.


The pipe run has a single P clip and is also held in place at the well end by superglue. The P clip is located as per drawing when the frames were drilled.

As drawn the well is fixed to the frame with 8 BA small HH screws from the inside, however as can be seen from the photo above the boiler support frame prevents this unless it is fitted before the frame  is fitted. The gap between the boiler support and the main frame is less than a nut width so very slim nuts were produced to fit into the gap.


All four wells fitted and piped up. The bends away from the well are larger than drawn as this was the smallest pipe bender I had to hand.

A drop of oil in each well proved the pipework was free from obstruction as seen by the drips onto the axle boxes.

The axle boxes have matching holes to the pipe entry via the horn block for the oil to find its way onto the shaft.

Having fitted the wells I was suspicious they were too low and the running plate would be slightly higher. Checking the drawings again the wells and fixing holes are as drawn but one GA drawing shows them proud of the running plate by about 1/4″. Pity I had not spotted that ealier, but I am leaving it as is.